Merv Hughes announced as SsangYong Australia's brand ambassador

Merv Hughes has partnered with SsangYong Australia, the official vehicle sponsor of the Merv Hughes Fishing Show.

Merv Hughes Fishing Show is a popular Australian TV show, featuring none other than former Australian Test Cricket fast bowler, Merv Hughes, as he travels around Australia exploring various fishing locations, in an adventure packed TV Show, aired on the Seven Network.

The show has gained a significant following among fishing enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers who enjoy watching Merv and his team as they fish, share tips and tricks, and discuss different types of fish and their habitats.

Merv doesn't only have some great fishing adventures on his show, he also has a great time getting to each destination. With many vehicles, boats and camping trailers in tow, it almost needs no explanation that Merv Hughes has become a great ambassador for SsangYong Australia.

Merv Hughes - Hero image

Merv Hughes is a well-known figure in the Australian sporting world and media, having played cricket for Australia from 1985 to 1994.

He was known for his aggressive fast bowling and his distinctive moustache, which became a trademark of his playing career. After retiring from cricket, Merv has been involved in various pursuits, including broadcasting, coaching, and fishing.

SsangYong Australia is a subsidiary of SsangYong Motor Company, a South Korean car manufacturer that produces a range of SUVs and utes for over 60 years. The company has been operating in Australia for over a decade and has built a reputation for producing reliable, high-quality vehicles that are well-suited to Australia's harsh and varied terrain.

One of the main reasons Merv Hughes is a great ambassador for SsangYong Australia is that he embodies the same qualities that the company's vehicles are known for - toughness, durability, and reliability. Merv’s not afraid to take on a challenge, whether it's facing up to the world's best cricket batsmen or battling the elements to hook-up a monster on the water. Similarly, SsangYong's vehicles are designed to withstand Australia's tough conditions, with features such as high ground clearance, rugged construction, and advanced off-road capabilities.

On the Merv Hughes Fishing Show, hosts Merv and Squizzy travel all over the country in search of the best fishing spots.

Merv Hughes: “We go on some seriously long trips on our show, and we’re always towing. That’s why I drive a SsangYong Rexton. A big, comfortable 7-seater. It tows 3.5 tonne no worries and it’s a capable 4x4.”

“I’m a little excited today because I’ve just picked up by brand new Rexton, and it’s better than my old one!”

Merv is a much loved down-to-earth and relatable character who connects well with Aussies. He is known for his larrikin sense of humour, his love of a cold beer, and his willingness to have a go at anything.

Merv Hughes - Merv and Steve

SsangYong Australia’s Marketing Director, Steve Dimitrovski: “We have been lucky enough to partner with Australian cricketing legend Merv Hughes for the last few years as a sponsor of his TV show, 'Merv Hughes Fishing’ and now extend that partnership, and officially have Merv on board as our brand ambassador”

“Merv is the perfect partner for our brand, he’s been driving a Rexton for the last three years, and has an authentic connection to the typical Australian dual cab ute and large SUV buyer."

Make sure you visit the Merv Hughes Fishing website to keep up to date with with the latest announcements and episodes for the show. You can also catch up on previous seasons and episodes on 7plus.


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